The ​Geisler ensemble

Music for winds in Amsterdam 1800´s

About the Geisler flute

Some time ago Meike from Moontfort trusted in me by giving me a very valuable object for her, an old flute that had belonged to her father, a music lover who also had other instruments that he himself played. It is a ten keyed rosewood flute that was made in Amsterdam around 1850 by Christian Gottfried Geisler. Other instruments made by Geisler are currently kept in museums like the Rijksmusem in Amsterdam, the Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag and the Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments. The possibility of hearing their sound is extremely rare.

After a careful restoration work by Ton Kooiman, and thanks to the support of Cultuur en Ondernemen I finally had the instrument in my hands ready to play. And it was such a great pleasure to play on it! Its intonation, the evenness of the sound throughout its entire range and its careful and precise keywork are delightful.

I thought that the sound of this Dutch instrument was very much worth sharing. I decided to create programs where the audience can get in the atmosphere of the private concerts in Amsterdam in the times when this instrument was made. And so the Geisler ensemble was born.

Photo credits: Mon Sirisit

Friedrich Kuhlau, Capricio in d.


This recording has been included in the Biography Portal of the Netherlands in the entry Ch. G. Geisler.

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About Christian Gottfried Geisler

According to the Nieuw Nederlandsch Biografisch Woordenboek Christian Gottfried Geisler (1801-1884) was a maker of woodwindinstruments who presented in 1849 a flute in the exhibition of national industry in Delft (Cat. nr. 299) and in 1861 participated in the industrial exhibition in Haarlem (Cat. nr. 417), where he won a medal for his work as flute maker. He first appears in the adress records of Amsterdam in 1841/1842.

Some of his surviving instruments rest nowadays in the Rijkmuseum in Amsterdam, in the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague and in the Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments. 


Algemene Handelsblad, Amsterdam. 24 November 1857


About the Geisler ensemble

In its programs audiences will hear both Dutch composers contemporaries of Ch. G. Geisler, and foreign composers who were included in private concerts given in Amsterdam around the time the Geisler flute was made. We tailor each program differently by creating a unique combination of flute duets, fantasias for flute and piano, pieces for solo flute, wind trios, quartets and quintets. It is our aim to bring our audiences´ ears, hearts and minds in a musical journey to old Amsterdam and to share with them the original sound of their own musical national heritage.

​Live recording:

Giuseppe Maria Cambini,

Quintetto in F. Allegro maestoso

Art of sound: Marco Giaschi